Computer Guru Security Tip for the Holiday Season

Scammers are taking advantage of the holiday shopping season with scam emails that infect your devices and seek personal information. These emails often take the form of fake email shipping notifications that pose as credible sources such as FedEx, UPS and USPS around the holiday season so that email recipients interact with them. Be wary  a single click on a bad link can set things into motion and start a very bad infection. This holiday season, don't fall victim to these common risks. 

We at Computer Guru will do what we can to prevent spam and junk from coming through to your inbox. In the case that some slip by us, here are some additional safety measures to keep you safe.

  • Don't believe what you see  Scammers make emails appear to come from a reputable source. Just because it looks like an "" address does not mean it's safe.
  • BE WARY of unexpected emails that contain links or attachments  As always, do not click on links or open the files in unfamiliar emails.
  • Don't respond to unexpected requests  A request attempting to obtain money, financial information (e.g. bank account or payment card numbers), or personal information in exchange for the delivery of a package or other article is typically a scam to obtain your personal information or infect your device. Don't interact with these emails or provide any personal information. 
  • Watch for poor grammar and spelling  Scam emails often are riddled with typos.
  • Emails require immediate action  Scam emails try to get you to act before you think by creating a sense of urgency. Don't fall for this trick.
  • Unknown shipping providers  If the email is not from a major courier or you do not recognize the shipper, be wary and contact us to verify its credibility.
  • Call us for help — If you have any doubt about the credibility of an email please contact us immediately.

Additionally, please refer to the following links for more information and examples of fraudulent emails.




The most effective way to decrease your threat of falling victim to common email-based crimes is to eliminate them before they surface. Computer Guru provides email services that filter out fraudulent emails and protect you and your devices. 

Please contact us with any questions or comments or to learn more about how you can stay safe this holiday season. 

Happy Holidays!