The Battle Against Website Ads

Have you ever wondered why, when you go to a website, the page is filled with ads? Sometimes the ads take up more of the page than the content you're trying to view!  So you scroll down, trying to get past the ads. Maybe you get past them, or maybe they pop up and refuse to close!  Be careful, because sometimes they are safe to click on, but often they are not.

The most effective solution against pesky ads are Ad Blockers.  Ad Blockers come in a variety of flavors, and the best one for your use will depend on your operating system, web browser of choice, and personal preference.  Beyond determining the best Ad Blocker for your use, it is important that your Ad Blocker of choice is installed completely and correctly to ensure its proper function. Many of our clients have called us to help them fix Ad Blockers that don't work, but in many cases these Ad Blockers were simply not correctly installed. 

It takes Computer Guru about 30 minutes to remote in to your PC, determine which Ad Blocker is appropriate for you, install it in your chosen web browser(s) and, when it's all set, review it with you. 

If those pesky ads are driving you crazy every time you open up a new page, you're not alone. Computer Guru makes sure that our clients don't waste valuable time and energy fighting with ads and pop-ups, and our clients thank us for it every day. 

Send us an email, post your comment (cry for help) below or give us a call and let us solve this problem for you!